BLUO LIVE Privacy Policy


At Bluo Live we always respect your privacy.When you use bluo live.We shall collect your information and we may use that if needed.By this “privacy policy”. The “privacy policy” applies to the user’s access and use of the bluo live application is meant to help the user understand how Bluo Live uses, collects and disclose the user’s information.

Your Information

We may collect, store and share the following information about you. If we are unable to get your information or you do not provide us the information we needed from you. You shall not be unable to register an account with us and will not be able to use our services.

Your Data

When you register an account with us or use bluo live services. You will be asked to provide relevant information such as a mobile number or email address.

You shall also provide information that you share to other parties on bluo live platform. We may collect the cookie, your location such as your IP address in order to setup and maintain services provided to you.


We shall always keep the activity on Bluo live platform. The virtual gifts you send and receive.

Device details

We shall always store the information related to your device. Such as phone number, IMEI of your device,OS version and device manufacturer

Your personal Information

The settings allowed you to control your information with public.You can change your name in profile settings,You can change your photo. If you think bluo live is not safe for you. You can email us anytime for deactivation of your account.Once your account is deactivated. You shall not be use that in future.


The protection of the data of our users is our main mission. We shall not share your information with third parties, unless in the following circumstances as follows.

1. When and as required by local police and authorities.

2. When there is consent of fraud and security.

You may always reach us via the email

BLUO LIVE Terms of service

These terms of service are between user and Bluo live.These terms govern your access to and use of our bluo live services.

1. Special Notices

1.1 This Bluo LIVE User Agreement (this “Agreement”) governs your usage of our services, (hereinafter, “Services”) including Bluo LIVE App, a video streaming application and social network developed by us. You are one party and the other party is Bluo Live Pvt Ltd. 1.2 By using our Services, or by clicking on "Sign Up" during the registration process, you agree to all terms of this Agreement. We, at our sole discretion, may revise this Agreement from time to time, and the current version will be found at the following link: About us>User Agreement. By continuing to avail our Services, you agree to be bound by the revised Agreement.

1.2 By using our Services, or by clicking on "Sign Up" during the registration process, you agree to all terms of this Agreement. We, at our sole discretion, may revise this Agreement from time to time, and the current version will be found at the following link: About us>User Agreement. By continuing to avail our Services, you agree to be bound by the revised Agreement.

1.3 You may only use our Service if you are 16 years or older, and if you are not subject to statutory age limit to enter into this Agreement according to the applicable laws and regulations in your country. If you are below the aforementioned minimum age, you may only use Bluo LIVE if your parents has provided us with valid consent for you to use Bluo LIVE. You may not falsely claim you have reached the minimum age.

1.4 You shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping of your Bluo LIVE account and password. All behaviours and activities conducted through your Bluo Live account will be deemed as your behaviours and activities for which you shall be solely responsible.

2. Terms of Use

2.1 You are responsible for the accuracy of information that you provide to BLUO LIVE, and upon request from Bluo Live, verify accuracy of the information given.

2.2 In consideration for our Services, you agree that Bluo Live has the right to place advertisement or other types of commercial information. You also agree to receive advertisement or other relevant commercial information from Bluo Live via email or other methods.

2.3 While using BLUO LIVE Services, you must abide by all applicable laws and regulations, and all rules and policies of BLUO LIVE.

2.4 You may only share information that you are comfortable sharing with the public. You may not distribute via BLUO LIVE any content that may be considered:

2.5 pornographic, obscene or indecent, or any adult content, including any form of child exploitation;

2.6 excessively violent, including any content that is related to death or serious injury;

2.7 depicting, encouraging or assisting suicide or self-harm;

2.8 rumour, false or misleading information;

2.9 hateful speech or conduct, including any content that promote racism, terrorism, ageism or sexism;

2.10 profane, blasphemous or any content that may offend people of certain faith, or otherwise related to religion;

2.11 related to gambling, abortion, weapon, or other highly explosive subject matter;

2.12 abusive, libelous, or otherwise harassing other people or group;

2.13 spam, junk mail or other unsolicited advertisement;

2.14 other contents that in the judgement of BLUO LIVE that are negative contents or otherwise not suitable for distribution.

2.15 You may not impersonate any other individual, entity, governmental agency or organizations.

2.16 You may not publish or distribute other people's private information without their express authorization and permission.

2.17 You affirm, represent, and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to publish or distribute any copyrighted or proprietary works. You are solely responsible to clear such licenses, rights, consents, and permissions.

2.18 You may not publish or link to any malicious code, phishing website or other content that may threaten the security of the Internet.

2.19 BLUO LIVE has the right to review and monitor your behavior on BLUO LIVE. If BLUO LIVE, at its sole discretions, reasonably considers that you have violated the Terms of Use, BLUO LIVE may freeze, suspend, disable, ban or revoke your account. You understand that any virtual gift associated with your account will be frozen, suspended, disabled, banned or revoked as well.

2.20 If BLUO LIVE discovers or reasonably suspects that any of your virtual gift is acquired in a fraudulent or illegal manner, or is in an abnormal status, BLUO LIVE may freeze, suspend, disable, ban or revoke such virtual gift.

2.21 If your account is frozen, suspended, disabled, banned or revoked, you may not create a second account or ask any other to create a second account for you.

2.22 If you violate any Terms of Use, you shall indemnify and hold harmless of BLUO LIVE against any liability resulting from a claim by a third party in relation to your violation.

3. Refund Policy

3.1 Unless otherwise required by the applicable law, no refund will be entertained after the virtual items (such as “Pearls”) has been purchased.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1 All text, data, images, graphics, audio and/or video information and other materials within the Services provided by BLUO LIVE are property of BLUO LIVE are protected by copyright, trademark and/or other property rights laws. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as conferring any license of any intellectual property rights or such materials by BLUO LIVE to you.

4.2 By using and/or uploading any live stream content or other content through a BLUO LIVE Services to publicly accessible areas of BLUO LIVE website, you grant to BLUO LIVE and its sub-licensees thepermission, free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully sub-licensable rights and license, without any territorial or time limitations and without requiring any approvals and/or compensations, to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, edit, dispose, create derivate works of, distribute, perform and publicly display such content (in whole or in part), and/or incorporate such content into existing or future forms of work, media or technology.

5. Terminating Services

5.1 You may terminate BLUO LIVE Services and this Agreement by revoking your BLUO LIVE account. You may contact us at:

6. Disclaimers

6.1 You shall be fully responsible for any risks involved in using BLUO LIVE Services. Any use or reliance on BLUO LIVE Services will be at your own risk.

6.2 Under no circumstance does BLUO LIVE guarantee that the Services will satisfy your requirements, or guarantee that the Services will be uninterrupted. The timeliness, security and accuracy of the Services are also not guaranteed. You acknowledge and agree that the Services is provided by BLUO LIVE on an “as is” basis. BLUO LIVE make no representations or warranties of any kind express or implied as to the operation and the providing of such Services or any part thereof. BLUO LIVE shall not be liable in any way for the quality, timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the Services and shall not be responsible for any consequences which may arise from your use of such Services.

6.3 BLUO LIVE does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of any external links that may be accessible by using the Services and/or any external links that have been placed for the convenience of you. BLUO LIVE shall not be responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, and BLUO LIVE shall not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage in connection with the use of the Services by you. Moreover, BLUO LIVE shall not bear any responsibility for the content of any webpage that you are directed via an external link that is not under the control of BLUO LIVE.

6.4 BLUO LIVE shall not bear any liability for the interruption of or other inadequacies in the Services caused by circumstances of force majeure, or that are otherwise beyond the control of BLUO LIVE. However, as far as possible, BLUO LIVE shall reasonably attempt to minimize the resulting losses of and impact upon you.

7. Legal Jurisdiction

7.1 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong , shall The language of the arbitration shall be English.

8. Other Terms

8.1 This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of agreed items and other relevant matters between both parties. Other than as stipulated by this Agreement, no other rights are vested in either Party to this Agreement.

8.2 If any provision of this Agreement is rendered void or unenforceable by competent authorities, in whole or in part, for any reason, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

8.3 The headings within this Agreement have been set for the sake of convenience, and shall be disregarded in the interpretation of this Agreement.